The Buying Process

The first thing you need to do as a buyer is get prequalified with a lender. I know some good lenders in our area that I can refer you too. Once you get prequalified through a lender we can start looking in your price range of qualification. When we find the desired house your are looking for we can place an offer. Upon acceptance of our offer escrow will be opened that same day. Escrows in our area can typically run around 45 days. During the beginning of the 45 day escrow time period we will discuss what inspections you will want to acquire. The 3 main inspections that I recommend to all my buyers are a roof, a home, and pest inspection. As a buyer your are responsible for the inspections you would like to acquire. I will be present for your main inspections and encourage you to be there as well. Within the first 7 days of escrow it is written in the contract that the sellers must provide the buyers with disclosures of the subject property. We will discuss the disclosures together in detail. The appraisal is another hoop that we have to pass through if obtaining a loan. Appraisals may vary in how soon they can be executed. Once the appraisal passes at value we are good to go. The lender will work with the title company for some fine tuning and last minute adjustments then you are good to go down to the title company and sign sign sign until you get that key!!!!   

Lets make it happen!!!!!